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ES~25 is a high efficiency device to optimize the voltage, reduction of harmonics and adjusting the capacitance of the motor to minimize the power loss or wasteful energy and convert into direct savings The equipment is best suited for variable load motors such as Compressors, Lifts, Escalators, injection Maulding Machines etc. The drop of voltage from 3.3V to 2.9V (optimum level) resulted in 9% reduction in voltage resulted in 20% reduction in consumption for the Microprocessor

System Schematics

  • Harmonic Suppression – Designed to eliminate Harmonics
  • Star connection to optimize the voltage​​​​​​​
  • Power Factor improvement to adjust the capacitance to the desired level
  • Impedance matching technique is used.

Active Harmonic Filters and Power Optimizers in ES~25 Energy Savers help to eliminate harmonic pollution from the grid, reduce power quality problems and use energy more efficiently and reliably.

Low power factor results high current, rise in copper loss and reduction of efficiency of the system. Incorporation of Power Factor Correction System in ES~25 Power Saving Equipment facilitates improvement in the Power Factor because this is designed to achieve precisely unity power factor/ near to unity to get maximum PF rebate and avoid leading PF and available for balanced as well as unbalanced loads.


The ESEI-SMC is GSM based intelligent pump controller is primarily designed to provide user, an interface to monitor and operate his/her pump set or electronic motor from remote location with the help of a mobile phone. It also monitors, controls and protectsthe pump/motor in case of abnormal condition of site or pump/motor.


  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for up to 20 HP Motor
  • Measurement and Display of V (ph-ph), I, PF, Active Power, % unbalance on 7 Seg display
  • Remote Access: Start/Stop Motor / Pump set from any location using your cell phone
  • In-built feature of Manual Start/Stop
  • IVRS for controlling the motor/pump set at field.
  • Field Settable Full Load Current.
  • Real time SMS alerts for Motor operation status & abnormal condition of Motor
  • Visual indication thru LED for Motor ON/OFF, Operation Mode, Network
  • Strength & Fault status
  • Safety of Motor/Starter: Automatically detects and protects for abnormal
  • Location of the panel, installing ESEI-SMC on user mobile phone User registration using SMS


  • START/STOP from Mobile Phone sitting in a remote location
  • SMS Alerts for Power Availability
  • SMS Alerts for Pump/Motor Operation.
  • Continuous monitoring via GPRS/GPS.
  • Saves Electricity, Water, Money, time and Labour. ​​​​​​​

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