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Static Voltage Stabilizer or Static voltage regulator is same as servo voltage stabilizer but without any moving part and providing voltage optimization. In Servo Stabilizer correction in output voltage achieve with help of moving tap by servo motor hence correction in voltage takes time. But in Static voltage regulator there is no moving part. Correction in voltage is achieves purely with help of electronic circuits hence it call as static. Static Voltage regulators are basically SMPS based which uses IGBT. Static Voltage stabilizer is new generation of voltage stabilizer based on PWM (Pulse Width Modulation technic). Advantage of static voltage regulator other fast regulation is it achieves regulation without distortion in output waveform. As mentioned before Static voltage stabilizer uses IGBT as power switches. In normal PWM method voltage regulation done by converting input DC voltage to inverter. Input DC voltage achieved by converting AC into DC which mean with help of double conversion. But in case of static voltage regulator there is no need for double conversion where PWM in done directly in AC-to-AC switching and that of without harmonic distortion. Since circuit is fully electronic (no moving partes) or static there will not be any wear and tear of part as in case of servo stabilizer. Voltage correction speed of static voltage regulators can be upto 500 times faster than servo stabilizer and providing power quality control system. All Capacities of Static stabilizer are same operating principle and in different rating of Static voltage regulator different is only PCB board. It is compact in size and much lighter in weight that servo voltage stabilizer and is a voltage controller devices.


  • IGBT PWM AC to AC Switching control
  • Individual Phase control
  • Quick response time <10 milli sec (half a cycle)
  • Very high efficiency above 98%
  • Excellent regulation as high as +/- 0.5%
  • Wide input range of operations
  • Very high speed of correction 3000V per Second


  • Fast Correction speed: Static voltage stabilizer consist of only electronic circuits (not moving part) hence it can correct output voltages at the speed up to 20KHz. Due to this feature of static voltage regulator, its correction time is as low as 20 to 30 ms.
  • Low Maintenance: In SVR there is no moving parts, no wear and tear hence low maintenance.
  • Output short circuit Protection: In case of output short circuit static voltage stabilizer detects high flow of current from input. In such condition SVR will switch offer IGBT with instantaneous tripping of output to protect load.
  • Harmonic Filter: IGBT based static voltage stabilizer has EMI & RFI filter as standard which protects against electrical disturbances from load side.
  • Compact size, high reliability: Static voltage stabilizer has compact size due to small size Buck Boost transformer. It is light in weight compared to servo AC Voltage Stabilizer. Since SVR unit uses IGBT, having static circuit (no moving parts), it is more reliable.​​​

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